BK series
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Performance characteristics:

1:throughout seamless service for the whole machine software and hardware¡¯s independent research,design,installation, production and after-sales

2:the whole machine can be customized in any size(width),and the length can be infinitely long in theory

3:the overall use of imported servo motor,driver or ¡°domestic brand¡±optional,gear,rack(synchronous belt)optional

4:1-2 head can be installed at the same time,vibration knife,round knife,cutter,indentation knife,straight knife,milling cutter optional

5:fixed feeding mode and automatic feeding mode are optional

6:the surface of the table is pulled up,smooth and firm,the software adapts to the height of the table,which ensures that the cutting will not damage the mat and greatly increases the service life of the mat.

7:the safety device is equipped with anti-collision switches on both sides and emergency stop device.

8:highly integrated main board and software control system has excellent stability after years of optimization and application.

9:automatic output system can optimize and modify all kinds of imported files to make users handy.

10:one-click typesetting and automatic optimization of material saving

11:the motor of vibrating knife and hob is imported from Switzerland,with a speed of 20000r/minute and low noise

12:CCR camera automatic positioning clip,cross laser can easily locate the origin.

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